When Life Knocks You Down

By: Kristi Mitchell

How do you get back up when life knocks you down?

I bought a flower today.  It wasn’t the kind that is full of blooms and green leaves.  It doesn’t look like a picture in a magazine of beautiful farmhouse decor.  In fact, it is pretty much on its last leg.  

Why did I buy it then?  Among the other plants on the clearance shelf, it stood out to me.  It had a glimmer of hope to be renewed; less than excellent, but enough hope to persuade me.  I envisioned that poor flower had just gone through some rough times.  Maybe a lack of water or rough handling by a customer checking it out.  Maybe it sat in the scorching sun for too many days to count.  In the words of Emily Dickenson, “I dwell in possibility.”  So in my buggy the plant found itself with a new pot, dirt, plant food, and a vision for renewal.

Sometimes we are this frail plant sitting on the clearance shelf feeling forsaken, forgotten, and alone.  Life just isn’t always kind to us.  We face financial difficulties, emotional distress, and gut-wrenching health situations that take our breath and steal our joy.  Our petals of happiness fall off and our leaves of joy droop.  We have needs that we can’t fix ourselves.  We can’t seem to pick ourselves back up and continue on with day to day living.  Just as the plant can’t help itself, some things we face can’t be faced alone.  As my flower needs certain things to renew itself, our lives need nourishment that can come from others.  If this is you, chin up!

First, allow your friends and family to help and encourage you. Sometimes we don’t want to be a bother or seem weak.  The nourishment we get from friends and family can soothe the pains of life if we let it.  Don’t allow stubborn attitudes to rob you of this help.

Secondly, God wants to be our refuge and strength.  He wants to give you comfort that can only be found in Him.  Trouble sometimes makes us want to withdraw from God or question his plan. Just like my plant can’t live without water, no matter how many other things I give it, our lives can’t survive trials without the everlasting water from God.  

When life knocks you down and puts you on the clearance rack, look up!  Find your hope and help around and above you!  Look forward to those petals and leaves being full again, soon.

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