Stacy Mowry

I’m Stacy, and I’m a wife, a mom to three kids, and a new Grandma. Like most, I’ve been through trials of life, but I feel that is when God has taught me the most and showed me things about myself to help me grow closer to Him. He is so faithful, and has always sent me just what I needed at the right time. In 2017, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. After many doctor appointments, I had surgery and chemo. During that time, God placed people in my life to help with my family’s needs. After I finished my treatments, I felt God calling me to start a Nonprofit Organization to help others facing a serious illness. To help take burdens off them or just to be an encouragement to them during their personal journey. I enrolled and completed the Nonprofit Organization Management Certification class at UT. God started putting things and people together to start HERE Ministries. I am so honored to have the opportunity to help others in many different ways. Through HERE Ministries I pray He uses me to help others, especially to grow in a closer relationship with God, and for them to experience His peace like I have during hard times.

Kristi Mitchell

“In whatever God does in the course of our lives, he gives us, through the experience, some power to help others.” – Elisabeth Elliot As a forty-five-year-old wife, mom, teacher, and believer, I have experienced various difficulties like everyone else who walks this earth. My belief has always been that those experiences are things that God can use for good somehow. Sometimes it takes some time to see that good, but I believe with all my heart that it always comes somehow. My own difficulties have always been small compared to what others have faced. It really isn’t about how big or small it is, it can feel like the weight of the world when you are in the middle of it. I would say that my biggest difficulties surround the inability to have a child, pursuing adoption, supporting family members through cancer diagnosis, and helping with care-taking of my grandparents. Through these experiences, I’ve been taught how to advocate for myself and others, pray without ceasing, and be thankful for every day we are given. Being a part of HERE ministries allows me to share those lessons with others by walking beside them during difficult times. Working with others with the same desire is a special opportunity. We want to use our own experiences to help others to get to the other side and find the blessing in the burden.

Jennifer Roach

A little about me.. My life changed forever on Sept 1, 2014 when my son was in a car accident that almost took his life and left him with a traumatic brain Injury. One minute we were preparing for his senior year in high school the next we were praying for him to come out of a coma. By God’s grace Austin did come out of his coma. But it was a very long process. He went 4 1/2 months without any communication (talking, writing, etc. He went through therapy for several years both in and out of state. He had to relearn several basic skills of life such as walking, learning how to tie his shoes, basic math and much more. Through out Austin’s recovery we felt the love of God. We also felt the love and support from family, friends and our community. My heart is naturally drawn to people/families experiencing Traumatic Brain Injuries. However, I also feel a connection with anyone experiencing traumatic events or illnesses that realize very soon life rarely goes as planned. I am honored to be a part of HERE ministries. I know God has a plan for our lives and I want to do what o can to let “His” light shine through me!

Janet Skeen
Community Outreach Coordinator

For those of you who don’t know me I am a cancer survivor of nine years, a wife, mom, and grandmother. Last year I lost my 24-year-old daughter to cancer. I will not go into details, but it was unlike anything I have ever experienced. However, during the 19 month battle we were blessed beyond measure by friends and family. Cancer doesn’t just affect the patient, but the family as well. Being from a large family and being very involved with not just our church , but our daughters church and our family churches as well we were overwhelmed with love and support . Because of this I have prayed that God will somehow use me to help others going through similar circumstances in order to honor my daughter and pay it forward. HERE Ministries is exactly what I was looking for. I am asking that everyone will pray for me as I try to honor God by being a servant in His name and help people during their time of need.