Unfinished Business

By: Kristi Mitchell

I walked out of my classroom on Thursday, March 12th after writing the agenda for our “Spring Fling” activities the next day.  There was never a thought that the next school day would be cancelled.  My classroom would sit empty the rest of the school year.  

Unfinished- the only way to describe how it felt.  Lessons left untaught.  Books left unread.  Conversations of encouragement left unsaid.  My mission to impact my students for this year was left as unfinished business.  

If we are here on earth, in whatever state, we are here because of unfinished business.  No matter how healthy or unhealthy, wealthy or poor -you have a mission to complete while walking through this life.  I think of my sweet Mamaw Pratt who spent her last three years in a nursing home.  It would have been easy for her to forget her mission.  She didn’t.  She used that time to be kind, influence, and encourage those workers who were taking care of her.  Her example had such an impact that these same workers openly talked about how much they missed her and her encouragement when she passed.  Even in that nursing home at the age of 87, she had unfinished business to complete.  

Who can you impact?  Who can you encourage?  Who is looking to you today to find out how to handle life’s challenges?  If we are here, we have unfinished business.  Let’s get busy about it!